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Browse a collection of mind muses, some of which have been sold, others available for purchase. For pricing information, email katsimon50@gmail.com or call 865-293-2537. Prices can also be obtained through connecting via Facebook’s Messenger. (See Mindmuses on Facebook.). Those not available for sale are indicated below; assume all others are available. Click through thumbnails for faster viewing or scroll through images below.

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The Observer (Unframed, 20″x30″)
Yin Yang Tangle (20″x30″ Unframed)
Untitled Feelings on an Uncertain Day (Framed, 20″x15″)
Clear Vision (Unframed, 16″x20″)
Wood Nymphs (Unframed, 11″x14″)
Fun Pic drawn for 10-year old grandson who LOVES sports!
Blake’s Orbit GIFTED


Journey Thru Color (Unframed, 14″x11″)
Whimsical Odyssey (Framed, 20″x30″)
Pac-Man Evolves GIFTED (14″x11″)
A Sacred Guide GIFTED
The Odyssey (Unframed, 16"x20")
The Odyssey (Unframed, 16″x20″)
Sky Pilot (Unframed, 16"x20")
Sky Pilot (Framed, 16″x20″)
Visual Jazz (Framed, 20"x30")
Visual Jazz (NOT FOR SALE Framed, 20″x30″)
A Puff of Madness (Framed, 20"x30")
A Puff of Madness (NOT FOR SALE Framed, 20″x30″)
Konfety Chasha (Unframed, 20"X30")
Konfety Chasha (Unframed but matted, 15″X20″)
The Contribution of the Eye (Unframed, 20"x30")
The Contribution of the Eye (Framed, 20″x30″)
Dog Secrets (Unframed, 16"x20")
Dog Secrets (Unframed, 16″x20″)
Nature's Fireworks (Unframed, 11"x14")
Nature’s Fireworks (Framed, 11″x14″)
Christmas in July (Unframed, 11"x14"
Christmas in July (Framed, 11″x14″)
Searching for Order (Unframed 15"x20")
Searching for Order (Unframed, 15″x20″)
Flight to Xanadu (Unframed, 16"x20")
Flight to Xanadu  GIFTED
Vision Quest Unframed
Vision Quest (Unframed, 20″X30″)
Garden Party $250 (Unframed)
Garden Party (Unframed, 15″X20″)
Rebirth, Recurrence, Renewal $200
Rebirth, Recurrence, Renewal (Framed, 15″X20″)
Autumn Peace $250
Autumn Peace (Unframed, 15″X20″)
Gallactic Reformation (Unframed 15"x20")
Gallactic Reformation (Unframed, 15″x20″)
Shapeshifters GIFTED
Shapeshifters GIFTED
Touch of Grey $200
Touch of Grey (Unframed, 15″X20″)
Tennessee Fantasy (Gifted)
Tennessee Fantasy GIFTED
Kathryn's Chicken
Kathryn’s Chicken (Framed, 15″X20″)
Come Play With Me
Come Play With Me (Framed, 15″X20″)
Universal Union
Universal Union (Framed, 16″X20″)
A Precise Restraint
A Precise Restraint (Framed, 16″X20″)
Mardi Gras Deception
Mardi Gras Deception GIFTED
A Night to Remember (Unframed, 15"x20")
A Night to Remember GIFTED
Crying Lady
Crying Lady (NOT FOR SALE 18″X24″)
Jax's Playground
Jax’s Playground (Unframed, 11″x14″)
Motley Throng
Motley Throng (Unframed, 15″X20″)
Descending Dragon
Descending Dragon (Framed, 15″x20″)
Face Off
Face Off (Framed, 20″x30″)
Garden Fairy
Garden Fairy (Framed, 15″x20″)
Masked Crusader
Masked Crusader (Framed, 11″x15″)
An Easy Complexity $200
An Easy Complexity DONATED
Fantasy Fragments (Unframed 11"x14")
Fantasy Fragments (Unframed, 11″x14″)
Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business SOLD
Transformation (Framed, 30″x40″)
Consterpation (Framed, 20″x30″)
Sun Shades (NOT FOR SALE 15″X20″)
Garden Sentries
Garden Sentries GIFTED
The Wheel SOLD
The Wheel SOLD
Court Jester
Court Jester (Framed, 16″x20″)
Phantasmagoria SOLD
Juxtaposition SOLD
Kaleidescope (Framed, 15″x20″)
Here and Beyond Reality SOLD
Here and Beyond Reality (Framed, 15″x20″)
Flying Ankh SOLD
Flying Ankh SOLD
Into the Sun
Into the Sun SOLD
Kathryn's Way (FRAMED 30"x40")
Kathryn’s Way (Framed, 30″x40″)
The Seahorse
The Seahorse (Framed, 15″x20″)
When Cows Could Fly
When Cows Can Fly NOT FOR SALE
Broken Egg SOLD
Broken Egg SOLD
The Birds are Back SOLD
The Birds are Back SOLD
Eternal Life SOLD
Eternal Life SOLD
Doctor Suess SOLD
Doctor Suess SOLD
Ascending/Descending (Unframed, 15"x20")
Ascending/Descending (Unframed, 15″x20″)
Bird Power SOLD
Bird Power SOLD
Exalted Color NOT FOR SALE
Exalted Color (Framed, 20″x30″)
Sea of Ganymede SOLD
Bird of Peace SOLD
Battle of the Sexes DONATION
Acquiescence and Domination
Acquiescence and Domination (Framed, 20″x30″)
Angst  (Unframed, 15″x20″)
A Beleaguered Peace SOLD
A Beleaguered Peace SOLD
Circus Juggler SOLD
Circus Juggler (Unframed, 15″x20″)
Nightmare GIFTED
Nightmare GIFTED
Firefly Show SOLD
Firefly Show SOLD
Candy Store
Candy Store (Framed, 20″x30″)
It Isn't a Bowl of Fruit NOT FOR SALE
It Isn’t a Bowl of Fruit SOLD
The Mask SOLD
The Mask SOLD
Transcending Demons NOT FOR SALE
Transcending Demons SOLD
The Scarab SOLD
The Scarab SOLD
In the Garden
In the Garden (Framed, 15″x20″)
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones (Framed, 15″x20″)
Labyrinth of the Mind
Labyrinth of the Mind GIFTED
Kindred Spirits SOLD
Kindred Spirits SOLD
Relapse GIFTED
Night Time Fantasy DONATION
Night Time Fantasy (Unframed, 15″x20″)
Meandering of the Mind
Meandering of the Mind GIFTED
Letting the Stingray Go
Letting the Stingray Go   SOLD
Turbulent Backlash GIFTED
Turbulent Backlash GIFTED


The Web
The Web   SOLD
The Third Eye
The Third Eye (Framed, 15″x20″)
Butterfly Lady GIFTED
Butterfly Lady GIFTED
Reverse Metamorphosis
Reverse Metamorphosis (Framed, 15″x20″)
Peering in on the Molecular SOLD
Peering in on the Molecular SOLD
Night Dancers Unframed
Night Dancers GIFTED
Reflections NOT FOR SALE
Reflections (Framed, 15″x20″)
Mystique's Vision GIFTED
Mystique’s Vision GIFTED
Flight (Framed, 14″x17″)
Inside the Silverfish SOLD
Inside the Silverfish SOLD
Eclectic Excursion
Eclectic Excursion (Unframed, 15″x20″)
Two Worlds
Two Worlds GIFTED
The Gardener
The Gardener GIFTED
Erotic Vaccui SOLD
Erotic Vaccui SOLD
Epiphany (NOT FOR SALE)
Epiphany (NOT FOR SALE)
Emptiness Returns NOT FOR SALE
Emptiness Returns SOLD
Fractured Faberge
Fractured Faberge (Framed, 11″x14″)
Moonstruck (Unframed, 16″x20″)
Coyote Run (Unavailable - Dog Ate It)
Coyote Run (Dog Ate It, REALLY! )
Sun Room Frolic NOT FOR SALE
Sun Room Frolic (Framed, 15″x20″)

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