Newest Works ~ Events

The Timekeeper
Journey Within (Unframed, 20×16)
Night Moves (16″x20″, Unframed)
Slipping Thru the Cosmos (20″x16″, Unframed)
Old Man Within (20″x30″ – Framed, 27.5×37.5)
Visual Jazz (20″x30″ – Framed)
Yin Yang Tangle (30″x20″ – Framed, 37.5″x27.5″)
Journey Thru Color (11″x14″ – Framed)

2 thoughts on “Newest Works ~ Events

  1. Hi! This is Kelley from Brooksie’s Barn. I love these so much! Very evocative! I especially adore Visual Jazz. Thank you for giving me your card so I could see your work.

  2. This reminds me of early album covers. I love the detail and the more you look at it the more you see. There is fun and mind exploring, something that Salvador Dali has in his works. Fantastic work!

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